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Our Vision is to be a rehabilitation centre and wildlife sanctuary with a high standard of care, compassion and ethics – an asset to the Western Cape, working for the long-term sustainability of all wildlife and biodiversity.


• Our aim is to rescue injured, orphaned and other wildlife in need; provide high quality care; rehabilitate and manage the release process.

• Give a second chance to wildlife which cannot be released, by providing the best possible care in an enriched sanctuary environment. The sanctuary also provides a platform for hands-off, effective education.

• Restore & regenerate landscapes to preserve vulnerable and endangered vegetation types, eco tones and plant species on this unique proclaimed nature reserve and within our local area.

• Educate and engage in developing an attitude of respect and compassion for all sentient beings, their habitats, and our shared environment.

• Advocate for the change necessary – in legislation, spatial planning, education, and mindset within communities – to secure a future for wildlife residing in land amongst agricultural, semi urban and urban areas.

• Champion wider conservation efforts for ecosystems and wildlife corridor regeneration within the region. Wildlife corridors traverse “inhospitable” landscapes of human dominated areas and are vital to preserve the rich biodiversity of all fauna and flora in this region.

• Work and partner with local government and other organisations for meaningful long-term conservation by creating new opportunities for eco-tourism, services, training and employment.


In 2012, Gill Simpson (our founder) visited the Barrydale Baboon Sanctuary, just before its devastating closure. The following year, she worked with the Jane Goodall Institute’s Chimp Eden in Mpumalanga and, on returning to the Western Cape in 2014, Gill visited the Crags – where yet another primate sanctuary had been forced to close its doors.

This is when Gill realized that there were no reputable primate rehabilitation facilities left in the Western Cape. After some research she discovered that there was a desperate need for a rescue & rehabilitation facility for all wild animals, not just primates – especially in the Southern Cape region.

So, in 2015, Gill bought the Hannes Zaaiman Private Nature Reserve, between Riversdale and Still Bay, and registered Wild Rescue as an NPC. The property is well situated to serve a large rural area with good road connections to surrounding urban centres. It is host to an astounding diversity of native plant, fungi & animal species, and met the basic infrastructure requirements to allow Gill to start work on creating a world-class Wildlife Rescue, Rehabilitaion & Sanctuary facility

The following years were spent upgrading & building new facilities, observing & documenting the fauna and flora of the various biotones, saving indigenous wildlife, erradicating invasive plant species, and building up to our big opening.
Despite the devastating fires of 2017, everything was going well and 2020 was going to be the year. Our first sanctuary enclosures were done, our on-site education centre was ready and, with the support of international volunteers, we would be able to staff, stock & fund our beautiful new clinic.
But, alas, 2020 was not to be the year. The world changed, for everyone, and our best laid plans were laid to waste.

Like many, we spent the next couple of years doing what we could to sustain ourselves. We kept working on restoring & regenerating the biodiversity of the nature reserve; and we rescued, advised on, and networked as many wild animals in distress as we possibly could. Our resources were low, but our spirits were high.

This next year, and hopefully those to come, will be a wild ride.
We invite you to join us in spreading the message of compassion, care & custodianship.

If you want to support our mission, please go to our How You Can Help page to find out more.


Our affiliations & memberships help Wild Rescue stay up-to-date with current best practices in fields relevant to us. They also contribute to our overal capacity to deliver on our mandates.


Wild Rescue is committed to compliance in all areas of good corporate governance.
The Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary T/A Wild Rescue is registered as a Non Profit Company with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and is therefore regulated by this organization – NPC Number:2015/183984/08

It also complies with regulations of The Non-Profit Organisations Act 71 of 1997 and other applicable government regulations and relevant guidelines – NPO Number:157-873
Donor Tax exemption: Sections 10(1)(cN) and 18A(1)(a) confirmed. Tax 18A Exemption Number: 930051721c18A
Wild Rescue is audited annually by a registered auditor.

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