Please call 078 875 5776 immediately for assistance.

Do not chase the animal or try to capture a fleeing animal:
• Keep an eye on where it is & allow it to settle down.
• Keep dogs, cats & other potentially harmful or stressful elements away from the area.

If you are certain the animal needs to be rescued, AND you are able to secure the animal quickly and efficiently, without injury to yourself or further injury to the animal:
• Keep the animal in a warm(not hot), dark and quiet spot until you can get assistance from a wildlife carer.
• Do not try to feed or give the animal water. Various traumas can be dramatically worsened by this.


Wild Rescue is committed to providing the highest standard of care and support for wildlife and the environment.
Our work is founded on passion, hope, and a deep sense of responsibility towards the natural world.

Our time and resources are divided into four distinct but interconnected areas – Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, the Wildlife Sanctuary, our Indigenous Nursery, and the greater Nature Reserve. In addition to this, we are constantly striving to create opportunities for learning in each of these areas.

As one of only a few permitted Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation centres within the Western Cape, our aim is to rescue wildlife that have been injured, orphaned, or are otherwise in distress. We provide a high standard of care to facilitate viable rehabilitation, and manage the release-to-wild process.

Through our Wildlife Sanctuary, we are able to give a second chance to wildlife that cannot be released. Here, we provide the best possible care in an enriched, natural environment. The sanctuary also provides opportunities to facilitate knowledge exchange – about our resident species, as well as about the broader issues threatening our biodiversity and the natural balance of ecosystems.

Our on-site Indigenous Nursery is an indispensable component of our restoration & regeneration efforts. Here, our work primarily focuses on collection of seed, cuttings & data, preservation through propagation and seed saving, in-field restoration projects, as well as consultation & education.

Our greater Nature Reserve is home to a unique floral reserve within the Cape Floral Kingdom. The 165 ha property is host to flora for each of the major plant communities of the Agulhas coastal plain, all occurring in close proximity to one another. Restoration efforts have contributed to the regeneration of this magnificent indigenous veld, which we eagerly share with visitors through our walking trails and guided experiences.

By engaging with people through education and advocacy, we hope to develop an attitude of respect & compassion for all sentient beings, their habitats, and our shared environment. Our Education Centre, situated inside the Nature Reserve, provides a beautiful location for Workshops & Events.

Every day brings new challenges, but we are emboldened to continue along a path of passion and hope because we know how much value we provide to the communities we serve.


Wild Rescue is a frontline organization dedicated to protecting and rescuing wildlife in need. But, we cannot do it alone. The organization depends entirely on the support of its donors and volunteers to continue their work.

Whether you have spare time, disposable income, or valuable skills and knowledge, there are many ways you can help us make a difference. We have made it easy for just about anyone to get involved, from wherever you are.

If you want to make a regular contribution, you can become a Wildlings Member by committing to a recurring monthly donation of your choice. Wildlings are a special group of supporters who help us plan for the future and continue our work with the necessary security.

If you want to make a Once-Off Contribution, you can donate any amount that you can afford. This helps the organization cover the ongoing costs of fuel, food, medicines, and maintenance. You can donate as yourself or on behalf of someone else. Alternatively, you can donate a specific item from our Wishlist. All donations, no matter how small, are appreciated and put to good use.

We also offer Volunteer Opportunities, both on-site and from home, where you can contribute to the day-to-day work done at Wild Rescue. Our paid Volunteer Programmes give you the chance to experience, learn, and contribute hands-on to the organization. If you have relevant skills and experience in wildlife rescue, please consider joining our First Responders Network. If you can’t make it to our location, you can Gift Your Time & Skills by volunteering from home, Wild Rescue has many tasks that you can assist with remotely.

You can also show your support by purchasing some merchandise from our Online Shop.

Thank you for considering joining us in our efforts to protect and preserve our planet’s wild spaces & those who inhabit them. Your support will help us continue our vital work, and together, we can make a difference.

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