What We Do

We are very privileged to be able to do the work we do.

Each day brings new challenges but, Wild Rescue provides so much value to the communities we serve that we are emboldened to continue along a path of passion and hope.

Our time and resources are divided into four distinct but interconnected areas – Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation; the Wildlife Sanctuary; our Indigenous Nursery; and the greater Nature Reserve. In addition to this, we are constantly trying to create opportunities for learning in each of these areas.


Wild Rescue is one of only a few permitted Rehabilitation Centres within the Western Cape.

Our aim is to rescue wildlife which have been injured, orphaned or are otherwise in distress; to provide a high-standard of care; facilitate viable rehabilitation; and manage the release-to-wild process.


Our aim, at Wild Rescue Sanctuary, is to give a second chance to wildlife which cannot be released, by providing the best possible care in an enriched, natural environment.

The sanctuary also provides opportunities to facilitate knowledge exchange – about our resident species, as well as about the broader issues threatening our biodiversity and the natural balance of ecosystems.


The 165 ha property which is home to Wild Rescue, is host to flora from each of the major plant communities of the Agulhas coastal plain – all in close proximity – making this a unique floral reserve within the Cape Floral Kingdom.

Restoration efforts have contributed to the regeneration of this magnificent indigenous veld; which we eagerly share with visitors through our Walking Trails and Guided Experiences.


Wild Rescue’s on-site nursery is an indispensable component of our restoration & regeneration efforts. We are dedicated to continuously improving and growing our nursery’s ability to restore and preserve the natural environment.

Our work primarily focuses on Collection of seed, cuttings & data; Preservation through propagation and seed saving; in-field Restoration projects; as well as consultation & Education. 


By engaging with people through education and advocacy, we hope to develop an attitude of respect & compassion for all sentient beings, their habitats, and our shared environment.

Our Education Centre is uniquely situated inside of the Nature Reserve, providing a beautiful location for Workshops & Events.

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