Gift Your Time & Skills


Our small, core team is often spread thin, across many responsibilities, emergencies & projects.
As a result there are always tasks that do not get the attention they need.

Many of these tasks can be done from anywhere in the world, from home or a coffee shop, in some spare time.
So we have decided to ask our community to contribute their time, from wherever they are, if they have the skills to assist in any of these tasks.

Here are a few of our priority Tasks
• Content Creation (social media posts, merchandise design, blog writing)
• Cataloguing of field data (images, GPS data, notes)
• Fundraising (independent campaigns, ongoing initiatives)
• Accounting (monthly reconciliations, budgets, reports)
• Marketing (strategy, analysis, reporting)
• Event Management (coordination & communication)
• Copywriting (audit and edit of digital & print materials)
• Application Writing for Grants & Funding
• Representative Activism

If you are able to contribute to any of these tasks, or if you have a different relevant skill, please contact us on


Wild Rescue periodically hosts hands-on Participatory Events, which assist our team to fulfill a particular function.
These one or two day events give participants the opportunity to learn from trusted presenters & teachers, as well as contribute their own skills, sweat & knowledge to our mission.

The topic & task of these events vary greatly, depending on the stated need or objective.
Here are a just few examples of events planned for 2023:
• Indigenous Plant Rescue
• Infrastructure Building
• In-Field Data Collection
• Drone Mapping & Modeling

Please check our Calendar for upcoming Participatory Events.
This calendar is updated regularly so please check back to ensure you don’t miss new events,
or join our Membership Programme to get early bird access.


We are working hard to create a geographic network of individuals & organisations, capable of quickly responding to the needs of wildlife in distress.

First Responders are individuals who can assist with Emergency Capture, Transport, and Short Term Care.
Wild Rescue hosts Basic Training workshops related to these responsibilities – all individuals joining the network will need to pass a skills & knowledge assessment.

To find out more about our First Responders Network, please email

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