Mapping & Modeling your Environment with Open Source

1 day Workshop
11 November 2023
For more information contact Wild Rescue.

Overview of Event

A novice DIY guide to building high fidelity models of any physical space or thing for free! From the size of a farm all the way down to your favourite pet – leveraging Open Source all the way.

Learning Outcomes:
Have a base understanding of photogrammetry, the associated tools and processes to be able to map your environment and the elements in it.
Gain a sense of best practices when performing large scale mapping
Perform a real-world mapping of World Rescue
Gain a sense of the future of open source mapping

Topics Covered
What is Photogrammetry and the path from Top Secret to DIY
Photogrammetry vs Lidar. Compare and contrast
How it works? A non-techie version of WTF this actually works
The Workflow/Stack: Mapping software <-> Image capture
Mapping Software: what’s available open source, what’s available paid.

Image Capture: Understanding the trade-offs
Governing principles (how and with what to take photos)
Human powered approach
Drone powered approach

Applying the workflow – real world example
Part 1: Assess Extent and Limitation
Part 2: Flight and photo planning:
Part 3: Processing:
Part 4: Data Manipulation
Part 5: Simulation and the future of DIY Mapping

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