Corporate Membership

Welcome to Wild Rescue's Corporate Membership Program

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your interest in becoming a partner in our vital mission. Wild Rescue operates entirely through private funding and we rely on the generosity and commitment of our broader community and supporters like you. We stand proud as the sole permitted wildlife rehabilitation centre in the Hessequa region and among a select few in the entire Western Cape.

Your consideration to join forces with us is more than a contribution—it's a lifeline. The Corporate Membership is a strategic fundraising initiative designed for groups, organizations, and companies who wish to sustain our operations through recurring monthly donations. These essential funds not only cover our operational costs but also provide a stable foundation, giving us the confidence to continue our work and to strategize for the future.

By aligning with Wild Rescue, your enterprise demonstrates a dedication to environmental stewardship and the preservation of wildlife. Together, we can ensure that our doors remain open to the many animals in need and that our critical conservation efforts endure.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you into our fold, where corporate social responsibility transcends into tangible actions for the benefit of our natural world. Thank you for considering this pivotal step with Wild Rescue.

These incentives have been designed not only to highlight your corporate social responsibility efforts but to immerse you in the journey and triumphs of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, reinforcing the importance of your involvement in our collective cause.
  • Prominent Logo Placement on Our Official Website: Your logo will be displayed on our dedicated sponsors' page, showcasing your pivotal support for Wild Rescue and aligning your brand with our conservation mission.
  • Acknowledgement on Social Media: We will extend a warm welcome to your organization on our social media platforms upon your membership initiation, acknowledging your support before our engaged community of wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Exclusive Quarterly Roundtable Invitations: Your team will be invited to participate in exclusive quarterly discussion forums, giving you insider access to Wild Rescue's developments, challenges, and strategic planning insights.
  • Corporate Recognition at Our Annual Members Event: We will feature your logo prominently at our annual, members-only gala, spotlighting your company as a key benefactor in full view of an audience passionate about wildlife conservation.
  • Insightful Monthly Newsletter: Receive a specially curated newsletter filled with the latest Wild Rescue initiatives, success stories, and insights—crafted expressly for our members to keep you informed and engaged with the impact of your contribution.
Membership donations are deducted monthly.
A standard 3 month cancellation perios applies, however, exemptions can be made on case-by-case basis.
Section 18A receipts will be issued monthly.

Monthly Contribution Options
R1,000 | R1,500 | R2,500 | R5,000 | R10,000





Our Vision is to be a rehabilitation centre and wildlife sanctuary with a high standard of care, compassion and ethics – an asset to the Western Cape, working for the long-term sustainability of all wildlife and biodiversity.



• Our aim is to rescue injured, orphaned and other wildlife in need; provide high quality care; rehabilitate and manage the release process.


• Give a second chance to wildlife which cannot be released, by providing the best possible care in an enriched sanctuary environment. The sanctuary also provides a platform for hands-off, effective education.

• Restore & regenerate landscapes to preserve vulnerable and endangered vegetation types, eco tones and plant species on this unique proclaimed nature reserve and within our local area.

• Educate and engage in developing an attitude of respect and compassion for all sentient beings, their habitats, and our shared environment.

• Advocate for the change necessary – in legislation, spatial planning, education, and mindset within communities – to secure a future for wildlife residing in land amongst agricultural, semi urban and urban areas.

• Champion wider conservation efforts for ecosystems and wildlife corridor regeneration within the region. Wildlife corridors traverse “inhospitable” landscapes of human dominated areas and are vital to preserve the rich biodiversity of all fauna and flora in this region.

• Work and partner with local government and other organisations for meaningful long-term conservation by creating new opportunities for eco-tourism, services, training and employment.


Wild Rescue is committed to compliance in all areas of good corporate governance.
The Wildlife Rescue Sanctuary T/A Wild Rescue is registered as a Non Profit Company with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and is therefore regulated by this organization – NPC Number:2015/183984/08

It also complies with regulations of The Non-Profit Organisations Act 71 of 1997 and other applicable government regulations and relevant guidelines – NPO Number:157-873
Donor Tax exemption: Sections 10(1)(cN) and 18A(1)(a) confirmed. Tax 18A Exemption Number: 930051721c18A
Wild Rescue is audited annually by a registered auditor.

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