Vision and Mission

Our Vision

• To set the standard and thereby be a benchmark for all rehabilitation and sanctuary centres in South Africa, and an asset to the Western Cape, working for the long-term sustainability of all wildlife and biodiversity in the province.

Wild Rescue – Objectives
As stated in the Constitution the organisation’s main objectives are to:

• Rescue injured or orphaned wildlife (fauna) of the Western Cape when feasible, and other wildlife in need of care.
• Provide high quality care for rescued wildlife.
• Rehabilitate wildlife animals whenever feasible and manage the release process.
• Provide as close a natural environment as feasible for those animals which cannot be released.
• Through hands-off exhibits, educate the general public and youth about the value and complexity of different species, the need for conservation of species and habitats, and the importance of an attitude of respect and compassion for all sentient beings.
• Highlight the value of natural systems through customised education material, and participation in projects aimed at long-term environment and biodiversity sustainability.
• Interact with, and target, specific sectors, for example, farmers, on environmental issues and conservation of wildlife including the issues of living harmoniously and limiting conflict between humans and wildlife and protecting biodiversity for future generations.
• Be actively involved in advocacy for primate and all wild animal conservation and protection issues on a local, national and international level.
• To be a model for environmental and financial sustainability through the development of compassionate and sustainable living practices.

The organisation’s secondary objectives are to:
• Work with Cape Nature and other organisations for the common goal of conservation of the Western Cape wildlife.
• To contribute to the sanctuary’s immediate surrounding community and the Western Cape economy as a whole, through new opportunities for eco-tourism, services, training and employment.
• Work with local communities to involve and train individuals for societal, economic and environmental improvement.
• Be involved, and co-operate whenever feasible, in research on rehabilitation of fauna or other issues surrounding the environment and wildlife in the Western Cape.
• Generate income and raise funds in order for the sanctuary to be self-sustainable and fulfil the main objectives.

“Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.”- Albert Einstein

Mantra for Wild Rescue

We are the wild.
The feathered, the feral, the free
The hunters, the hoppers, the hiders
The one, the many, the gone
The past, the present, the possible
We are the future, we are your future
We are one.

Mantra for Wild Rescue - Utopia