Rehabilitation Facility

Richard took on the task of correcting problems of builders not completing work, and sub standard work. His hard work has resulted in getting the clinic up to a functional and high standard. He has redone parts of the floor and drains – smoothing (prior to painting) to minimize the harbouring of germs, and filled cracks in the walls, and redone some pipes which were leaking. The clinic now has running water in the assessment, operating and recovery room, the shower and toilet, and the human wash up sink. In order to open we only need sponsorship of energy (solar or other), geyser (gas) and equipment for the clinic.

We bought some reject fencing which worked perfectly (at a low cost) to fence the recovery enclosure. Smoothing edges and screeding (prior) to painting were priorities to keep it germ free when hosing down.   A little more work is needed however this “hokkie” is almost ready to function for short-medium term recovery . Each “hokkie” houses 2 recovering individual animals – prior to release. The second “hokkie” has the brick work completed however needs to be fenced and other work done to make it “fit for purpose”.  This second “hokkie”should be completed in the next few months.