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Wild Rescue – Where to find us…

• Wild Rescue is positioned on Klipfontein farm between the farming town of Riversdale and the seaside town of Still Bay (Stilbaai) in the Western Cape. It takes approximately 30 minutes to drive to either town from Wild Rescue (Longitude 21.287078; Latitude -34.269138.)
• Riversdale is 310 kms from Cape Town city, and Wild Rescue is 28 kms from Riversdale. The journey to Wild Rescue from Cape Town takes just over 4 hours via the N2.
• The area is the Hessequa Municipal region which lies between the southern Cape coast and the Langeberg Mountains.
• The word Hessequa means “people of the trees” and is the name of an ancestral Khoi tribe from this region.
• Despite much commercial farming in the area, Hessequa municipality in aiming to be an environmental leader.
• Remnants of the vegetation communities that once covered the submerged Agulhas Plain are still alive and restricted to a narrow fringe along the southern Cape coast.
• This region has a unique mix of “vulnerable” lowland fynbos, acidic mountain fynbos, highly fragmented and “endangered” renosterveld, “near threatened” alkaline Canca limestone fynbos, the neutral sands of the ”vulnerable” Albertinia Sand Fynbos, Dune Thicket and Blombos Strandveld.

• Hessequa is also nicknamed “The Cradle of Creativity” after the Blombos Cave findings in a limestone cliff near Still Bay. It is an archaeological site made famous by the discovery of pieces of ochre with abstract designs engraved on them, the recovery of 75,000 year old beads made from shells, and 80,000 year old bone tools. These are amongst the earliest records of rock art in the world, and the 75,000 year old perforated shells that were probably strung together as a necklace, could be the earliest recorded use of jewellery. Some of the earliest evidence for collecting shellfish has been recovered at the site and dates to about 140,000 years ago.
• Although there are no major limestone caves on Wild Rescue, there is a significant archaeological cave on the neighbouring farm, visible from one of the walks.

• Further general information about the region can be obtained from the following websites:

“Our downfall as a species is that we are arrogant enough to think that we can control Mother Nature and stupid enough to think it is our job.” – Greg Petersen