Make A Donation

Make A Donation

Wild Rescue welcomes all types of support: once-off and monthly donations; legacy giving; grants; big and small sponsorships, crowdfunding campaigns, goods and services, and volunteering.

Make a Donation to Wild Rescue

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What happens with your Donation Money?

Donated money will be used for:
• Rehabilitation facility (clinic equipment and furnishings)
• Building enclosures (fencing) – ongoing for more animals
• Transport of wildlife costs
• Medical costs – medicines, lab tests, X-Rays (vet’s time is pro bono)
• Electricity

We’re urgently in need of equipment and supplies. Please assist if you can, or if you know anyone who has second hand equipment we can look at:

Veterinary equipment needed for clinic
• Operating tables for assessment room and operating theatre
• Autoclave or equivalent for sterilizing instruments
• Heating pads
• Recovery cages in intensive care
• Oxygen tanks and masks
• Scale
• Microscopes
• Medical tools e.g. clamps, scissors, tweezers etc
• Kidney bowls
• IV stands
• Bar fridge or equivalent for storing medicines
• X-ray machine
• Veterinary medicines
• Bandages
• Uniforms, t-shirts and boots.

General equipment
• Field equipment and outdoor gear
• Laptops, iPads and tablets
• GPS receivers, digital/trail cameras, mobile phones;